How to Play CFL Fantasy


CFL Fantasy places you in the general manager’s seat through the duration of a Canadian Football League season. A season-long fantasy CFL football contest, it gives you full control of your team’s roster as you look to pick the best possible lineup every week while staying below the salary cap.

In the end, your decisions will determine your success and failures and ultimately how far your team can go against CFL fans from across the world.

Sign Up/Login

Signing up is easy. Just provide a username and email address and you’re ready to play. Afterwards, you can update your profile to include your first and last name, an image/avatar, your favourite CFL team and other information.

Set your Roster

At the beginning of every week you can select your roster of 7 players from a pool of quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and team defenses. Your roster can be comprised of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX (either RB or WR) and 1 team defense. For more details on how to set your roster, click here

You can submit an incomplete roster and still gain Weekly points. All your roster moves are saved automatically. No need to press a “Save” button!

Each week you will have $40,000 in cap space to spend on your 7 roster spots. Your combined salaries cannot exceed that amount unless you have BONUS DOLLARS (see below for more info).

Edit your roster

You can edit your roster any time up until the start of the game. Players who have already played or started their game in a given week will no longer be available.

AutoPlay Roster

AutoPlay allows you to automatically submit the same roster week after week. You can toggle AutoPlay to “ON” fom the link below your players list. With the AutoPlay function switched on, the roster that you have created will be automatically submitted each week.

Note: Exceptional on-field performance can raise a player’s value from week to week or even day to day. When using AutoPlay, this could result in your roster exceeding the salary cap. In this event, the system will automatically drop the player with the lowest salary from the roster in order to stay under the cap. If this happens, the user will still have an opportunity to replace the dropped player/position from any of the upcoming games that CFL week.

Point Values

Points are awarded to players on your roster based on game stats with the following values:


Passing Yards :
1 point per 25 yards passing
Passing Touchdowns :
4 points
Interceptions :
-2 points
Rushing Yards :
1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdowns :
6 points
Receptions :
1 point per reception
Receiving Yards :
1 point per 10 yards
Receiving Touchdowns :
6 points
Return Yards :
1 point per 25 yards
Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns :
6 points
2 Point Conversion :
2 points


Sacks :
1 point
Interceptions :
2 points
Fumbles Recovered :
2 points
Safeties :
2 points
Points Allowed : 0
10 points
Points Allowed : 1-6
7 points
Points Allowed : 7-13
4 points
Points Allowed : 14-20
1 point
Points Allowed : 21-27
0 points
Points Allowed : 28-34
-1 points
Points Allowed : 35+
-4 points

Check the leaderboard

You can check your position in the overall contest standings as well as the weekly contest standings. Click on ‘Leagues’ in the CFL Fantasy menu, then navigate to the league in which you want to see the standings. You can toggle between weekly and overall to get an overview of each.

Live Scoreboard

With the live scoreboard, you can monitor your team’s score in real time as CFL games are under way. Click on ‘View Results’ on the CFL Fantasy menu to view your score. You can also view other users’ scores by clicking on their usernames on the leaderboard. Note that a rival user’s player who has not yet played will be hidden from view.

Create a League and invite friends

Take the next step from GM to Commissioner: Create your own league by selecting the “Create a League” button under the My League and All League headings.

  1. On the ‘Create Your League’ page, enter a group name. If the name you have selected is already taken by another group, you will be asked to use a different name.
  2. You can choose to make your League either Public or Private. Public Leagues will be accessible to all players. Private Leagues will only be accessible to those players you have invited to the group.
  3. Once you’ve created your League, you can upload an image to personalize it even more.
For more detailed instructions click here.

Sharing a League with friends

Once a League is created you will be given a unique League code that you can send to your friends or post to your social networks. Anyone who selects this link will automatically be added to your League.

Bonus Dollars – the CFL Fantasy Referral program

Earn ‘Bonus Dollars’ to help build your team by getting friends to join. The CFL Fantasy referral program rewards referrals with additional salary to spend on your fantasy roster.

Here’s how the rules/requirements for Referrals will work :

  • Referrals can be made at any time during the year.
  • Users receive $500 in Bonus Dollars (BD$) for each validated referral – up to a max cap amount of $5,000 (based on 10 total referrals).
  • A referral will only be validated once the user submits his/her first roster.
  • BD$ can be tracked in the Referral section.
  • BD$ can be accessed and used at any time and in any desired amount towards any weekly roster submission.
  • Once used, those BD$ are gone and cannot be used again.
  • If the Max Cap of $5,000BD is reached, the user cannot go over nor “top up” again with additional referrals. For example :
    • User reaches the 5,000 BD$ level
    • Spends $2,000 BD$ in a given week (total balance now $3,000BD)
    • Then refers 3 more friends
    • He or she will not get any additional BD$ credit for those referrals (since user already achieved the max).

How to Use Bonus $ to Set your Roster

Once you’ve earned some Bonus $ for referring new users to CFL Fantasy, you can use them to increase your salary cap any time you like. Just select the “Bonus $” button on the Manage Team page (or on any of the Referral Status pages), select an amount you want to use and the Bonus $ will be added to your salary cap for that week.

NOTE: You don’t have to use all of the Bonus $ added to your cap – the game will only use what you spend. You can also change your mind at any time – just select the “Bonus $” button again and you can cancel (or edit) the amount you’ve added to your cap.